Starovolzhsky Bridge

Tver, Volzhsky pr-d

The Old Bridge is an extravagant engineering construction, a symbol of Tver. Openwork silhouette of the bridge is shown in many postcards and calendars with the views of Tver. The Starovolzhsky Bridge was erected according to the design of V. Tochinsky with the participation of the Czech engineer L. Mashek, it was opened and consecrated on September 8, 1900. 

The length of the Tver bridge after the construction was 215.5 meters. Lamps with artistic cast initially installed at the entrance of the bridge were moved to the monument to A.S. Pushkin at the Theater Square in 1972. In December 1941 the bridge was blown up by German fascist invaders, but in early 1942 the traffic was restored. In the 1980s the bridge was considerably renovated, the wooden surface was replaced by an asphalt one and the roadway was widened from 5.7 to 9 meters.

The Franz-Joseph Bridge, built in Budapest in 1896 is the "twin" of the Tver bridge.

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