This section presents Souvenirs that you can buy as a souvenir from the Tver region.

Type of souvenir

Novotorzhskaya majolica

"Warsaw store" S.A. Parichka was well known to travelers of the early 20th century. It opened ar...

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Marmalade tale

Since 2005, the Marmeladnaya Skazka factory has been producing natural craft marmalade! I...

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Tver wooden toy

Tverskaya Toy is one of the oldest Tver crafts with a rich historical past. In the museum, you c...

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Konakovsky faience

The industrial and tourist complex "Konakovsky faience" was created on the basis of the former ar...

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Torzhok gold seamstresses

Gold embroidery has been preserved in Torzhok since the 12th century. This is evidenced by a uni...

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