Peasant farm "Yastrebov and Brother"

Tver region, Staritsky district, Pankovskoye settlement, village Kozlovo
We are the Yastrebov brothers, Gennady and Eduard.

In 2007, while living in a metropolis, we decided to touch the original roots and created a small subsidiary farm in an ecologically impeccable place, in the Staritsky district of the Tver region, with the desire to eat real village food and breathe clean air.

Due to the complete absence around, at least some hint of industrial production, the ecology here is really not spoiled by civilization and Mother Nature in these parts managed to preserve the primordial state, almost untouched by human deeds.

Realizing the importance and necessity of producing real food products not only for ourselves, but also for our friends and associates, we decided to recreate a full-fledged peasant farm on our native land with our own cows, goats and a cheese factory.

Our farm has 2.0 hectares in the center of the village, 50 hectares in the fields, a house, a bathhouse, a cowshed, a calf barn, a goat's house, a pigsty, a couple of horses, the necessary agricultural equipment for cultivating fields and other utensils.

It turned out to be not at all easy to run your own household, but interesting and necessary!
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