Manor Mokshitsy

Maksatikhinsky district, village Mokshitsy
around the clock
You will be surprised, but the comfort of our forest hotel corresponds to the level of 4 * city service. Own technical equipment is thought out for the life of a small town in a deep forest. Water from natural wells, even the usual morning washing makes you healthier. Enjoy the fragrant clean air and silence, we took care of the rest.

The manor house was felled from solid round wood and keeps warm for a long time in winter and natural coolness in summer. Try for a while with your whole body to feel the vitality of the surrounding nature and native climate, and we will provide the necessary comfort.

All rooms of the house are individually designed, and you can choose a pleasant one for you in advance. Immerse yourself in Provence and Russian antiquity to experience in detail the lovely joys of a country lifestyle, from flowers on the walls to flowers on the morning table, from the smell of living wood to the aroma of fresh bread from the oven, terry towel and linen towel.

We suggest spending more time in the healing air of the pine forest. Guests of our hotel can freely use walking bicycles, sports equipment for fitness, playing volleyball, tennis and tennis, badminton, fishing equipment, picking mushrooms and berries, relax in hammocks and swings. It is useful to have a rest in the Homestead. For you, we have prepared special recreation programs with training and entertainment - we will teach you natural healing, drawing from nature, give riding lessons and homework, teach you how to play outdoor games for children and adults.

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