What is the difference between a capsule hostel and a regular hostel? In a capsule hostel, you get an individual sleeping place, hidden from the eyes of other guests. You will have your own personal space, your own socket and lamp. You will be able to create complete darkness, since your capsule is surrounded by walls and a screen, and it is much quieter in the capsule than in a regular hostel.


Do you want to relax while traveling in comfort? Get private space for the price of a regular hostel. You will have at your disposal not just a bed, but a private space equipped with LED lighting, power outlets, ventilation and a towel holder. We guarantee you a comfortable sleep in an intimate setting. Individual wardrobes are provided for storing your belongings. Bed linen, slippers and a towel are provided free of charge.


Bed linen, slippers and towels are provided free of charge. Bathroom and washing machine on the floor. If you like a standard way of living and more personal space, then we have prepared for you a separate room with a large double bed and a TV. Comfort and coziness will not leave you indifferent. Here you will find everything for a pleasant stay and sound sleep.

BOX INN offers you a comfortable and spacious kitchen, where you can both prepare food and enjoy your meals in comfort. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need. Tea, coffee, clean drinking water.

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