Sheshurino estate

Toropetsky district, Sheshurinskoe s / p, village Sheshurino
In the village of Sheshurin, Toropetsky district, there is a house built in the first years of our century. This estate belonged to A. N. Kuropatkin, an active organizer and inspirer of the tsarist colonial policy in the Far East. This man's fate is unusual. Coming from a poor family, he, being an energetic man, reached the highest rank in the tsarist army. As commander-in-chief of the Russian army during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, he was defeated in Port Arthur and removed from command.

This ardent monarchist had to revise much after the Great October Revolution. Active support for the monarchical regime is being replaced by deepest disillusionment with the existing system. In the very first days of the formation of the young republic, A. N. Kuropatkin replied with a sharp refusal to the offer to lead the counter-revolution or to emigrate abroad. All the rest of his life he devotes to organizing the country's first agricultural school for illiterate peasants in his former estate, where he himself teaches. Until now, in the surrounding villages, they say that in the difficult years of hunger, Kuropatkin, with his usual energy, strove for grain to be allocated for the school and soon received a whole carriage. A. N. Kuropatkin worked at school until his death in 1925. With his participation, dozens of agricultural specialists necessary for the country were trained. A. N. Kuropatkin was buried next to the church in Nagovye.

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