Village of Bernovo

Staritskiy district, village Bernovo pl. Mira, 9
Wed-Sun 11:00 – 17:00

An old manor is located in the village of Bernovo - the family estate of the Wulfs. Several times A. S. Pushkin visjted Bernovo. 

Here the two-storeyed manor house survived, the regular French park with a hill "Parnassus" and the snail path leading to its top, the "green" theater, ancient ponds and pavilions. In 1971 the A. S. Pushkin Museum was opened in the estate (tel.: (48263) 4-41-35). The museum exposition presents memorial items of several generations of the Wulfs. Every year on the first Sunday of June the traditional Pushkin poetry festival takes place here. 

In the village above the Tma river there stands the Assumption Church (Uspenskaya) (XVIII) built in the Baroque style

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