Shopping area with shopping rows

Toropets, st. Sovetskaya, 16
In 1540, in Toropets, on the trading square, opposite the Bolshoi Bridge, there were trade rows. A large row, in which at that time there were 43 shops and two shop places on both sides - in these shops they sold cloth, silk and small "cracks" (haberdashery goods). Near the church of St. Elijah there were meat and fish rows, where there were 22 shops and two regiments. Near the same trading square, in the direction of the Savior Church, there was a bread row. In addition, in Toropets there were 12 shops that belonged to the cathedral church of St. Egoria.

In addition to the rows and shops, trade was also conducted on the square itself. There was also another square where peasants who came from the villages sold firewood, hay, straw and other products of the rural industry from the carts.

On the very shore of Lake Solomeno, there was a place intended for "fish sale". Here people in hurry bought live fish first-hand from fishermen. And now, during the whole night in the summer, lights can be seen in different places on Lake Solomeno: these are fishermen who are fishing; early in the morning, when buyers are already starting to gather for the fish market, they drive up to the shore with their goods on narrow, long boats "gas chambers", which, by their appearance, every time make you involuntarily recall the story of Konstantin Porphyrogenitus about the Krivichs, who in the 10th century sailed their boats to Kiev -trees.
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