Family Farm "12 Oaks"

Tver region, Kalininsky district, Mednovskoe rural settlement
Family Farm "Twelve Oaks" is conveniently located near the highway "Moscow-St. Petersburg", 30 km fr om Tver. On 60 hectares of arable land and protected forest, there is a small, cozy area where you can safely walk, arrange a small reboot after the city bustle, and also:

feed and pet tame deer and fallow deer;

get acquainted with the diverse world of decorative pheasants and chickens;

consider perky goats, fluffy sheep and rabbits;

look into the exclusive, comfortable Krol-hotel;

watch the calves;

see incredibly charming chickens and other farm inhabitants.

 After the walk, guests will find a comfortable, panoramic terrace, where you can leisurely enjoy the scenery of the farm while drinking tea or coffee. Reception format: chamber, no more than 10-12 people.

 Dress code: comfortable, practical clothes and shoes.

 You can bring treats (apples and carrots) to deer and other inhabitants, and take with you pleasant memories, photographs, as well as farm eggs, lime honey and homemade jam!

  "Twelve Oaks" is an active developing agricultural facility, wh ere everyone can learn more about farming and love for the land!
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