Industrial and tourist complex " Konakovsky faience"

The Konakovsky Faience industrial and tourist complex was created on the basis of the former art laboratory of the Konakovsky Faience Factory. Today, the best that was created during the 200-year history of the plant is being revived in Konakovo. Local craftsmen are engaged in the manufacture of faience and majolica according to the sketches of famous ceramists, and thus do not allow the folk art craft to fade away. The production is focused on a wide range of consumers.

For tourists, there is an exhibition of porcelain on the territory of the complex. Excursions to the production and master classes on the manufacture of clay products are held. Everyone can make their own souvenir using the old technology. The complex is open daily from 8 to 22 hours, excursions and master classes are held until 20.00.

Visiting the exhibition is free of charge

Excursion to the production for groups of 10 people or more - 200 rubles per person

Master classes - 350 rubles per person

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