Monument to A. S. Pushkin in City Garden

Tver, nab. Mikhail Yaroslavich

When you walk through the City Garden along the coast near the Old Volga Bridge, you can see the elegant monument to A. S. Pushkin called "White Nights", a sculptural composition by sculptor O. K. Komov erected in 1974, when Russia was celebrating the 175th anniversary of the birth of the great poet. The 3.5 meters heigh bronze monument to Pushkin is placed onto a granite pedestal showing a fragment of the quay. The poet is depicted resting his left arm on the bars of the fence. He is thoughtfully standing backwards to the Volga in the tile hat and a raincoat slung over his right arm. It is known that A. S. Pushkin was passing through Tver about 30 times and stayed 4 times in the city. A Monument to the poet is one of the main attractions of the city as well as a favorite point for taking pictures.

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