Museum of Tver Household Activities

Tver, st. Gorky, 19/4
Wed-Sun 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Museum of Tver Household Activities is located in the merchants Arefyevs’ estate. The house was built by merchant P. M. Arefyev. According to legend, Peter I stayed in that house in 1707. Peter was served by his favorite roast duck with salted lemons and stewed fruits. Evidently that the house was built before the start of beyond Volga district replanning. The house is remained the original inner layout completely and partly interior decoration with genuine moulding of the XVIII century. The Museum of Tver Household Activities was opened in this house in 1970.  Museum’s exposition includes the objects of household activities, woodwork, items made of wood, birch bark as well as furniture, dishes, clothes, hats, jewelry and embroidery. It’s interesting to look at the church utensils of the XVI-XVIII centuries taken from the sacristies of Tver churches as well as the stove with ornamented tiles of the XVIII century. A collection of Russian samovars is kept in the Estate Museum; long ago the Museum’s visiting card has become an interactive excursion and ceremony "Russian tea party".

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