The Museum of Rural Crafts "Craftsman and breadwinner"

Since the XVI century, the village of Zamytye has been the largest center of handicrafts and trade. At the end of the 19th century, trade fairs were held here. There were 12 stone benches in the center of the village, six of them still remain. Now  a tea shop, a pottery workshop and a museum of crafts "Craftsman and breadwinner" take place here. The museum is located in the restored building of shopping malls.

The museum "The Craftsman and the breadwinner" has a full set of tools: a utornik, a tight, a pad, with the help of which they made tubs or tubs. Guests can also see how threads were made manually from flax in the old days.

In the museum's exposition, visitors will be able to see baskets, barrels, loom parts and other items made by local craftsmen. In the pottery workshop, you can watch the process of making pottery on an old potter's wheel.

The pottery workshop is both a museum exhibition and an interactive platform. Under the guidance of craftsmen, you can try to sculpt a plate or a jug from local clay yourself.

After the master class, guests are invited to have lunch in the "First People's Tea Room", drink tea from a samovar in the recreated atmosphere of the beginning of the XX century and try Karelian pies.

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