Museum of the History of Photography and Russian Life

Toropets, st. Eremenko, 4
The Museum of the History of Photography, created on the basis of the Chaika photo studio, has preserved for tourists the appearance of Toropets at the beginning of the 20th century: many estates, houses, churches, courtyards and parks have survived only in the photographs presented here. The exhibits of the museum are cameras and cameras, pre-revolutionary and modern. Here you can see permanent exhibitions of photographs "Rus'," Toropets in faces "," Toropets temples "," Toropets: yesterday and today. "

In addition, in the premises of the Museum of the History of Photography, a Corner of Russian Life was organized, where a village room with an iconostasis, embroidered towels of extraordinary beauty, homespun paths and a large table were recreated. Household inventory, sinkers for nets, birch bark floats, whistles, pots, woven towels and much more, and most importantly - all this can be touched, taken in hand, carefully examined.

The museum works by prior arrangement.
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