Botanic Garden of Tver State University

Tver region., Tver, per. Shevchenko, 16
Mon-Sun 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM ,

The Botanical Garden of Tver State University is a well-maintained natural habitat in Tver 's historical center, where the Tvertsa River flows into the Volga. The Garden was founded in 1879 by Ilya Bobrov, the honorary Tver citizen merchant of the first guild, who bought several plots and laid out a garden alongside the old Buhan creek and a small pond. Nowadays the oldest trees in the Garden are about 150 years old; these are larch and oak trees and some of them have traces of bombing and gunning. In 1898 the new owner of the Garden, L. A. Kolakowsky, the teacher of natural science and botany in Tver specialized school formed an exhibition of plants by geographical basis, the area then got the image of the real botanic garden. In 1938 the Garden area was conveyed to Kalinin State Pedagogical Institute (today Tver State University). The Botanical Garden is a monument of nature as well as cultural, environmental and educational center of the Upper Volga area. 350 species of trees and bushes and more than 2500 species of herbs are in the Garden, 8 exhibitions have been created and a collection of rare and disappearing plants of the Tver region have been gathered. Many of those plants are listed in the Red Book.

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