The village of Vasilyovo

Torzhok district, museum complex Vasilevo

Nowadays the territory of the manor park in the village of Vasilyovo is occupied by the Architectural and Ethnographic museum under the sky "Vasilyovo". The manor house was saved, but beautiful park with the cascade of ponds survived there, along with the wing-greenhouse and famous three-arcboulder "Devil's Bridge" with grottos, which was built according to the project of N.A.Lvov. In the vast territory of the museum the wooden buildings from all over the Tver region have been collected and restored: izbas, chapels, barns, the tavern, the five station, the unique Church of the Savior on the Soz. Annually in June there is a "Trinity festivities" festival in Vasilyovo, fans of folklore and national crafts of the Upper Volga region come to see. 

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