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I have always loved to travel and I still love it. With great pleasure. Events, legends, folklore, art, cities and people - all this fascinates, surprises and delights. And I always want to share new knowledge, discoveries and kind emotions.

This is probably why, having a higher technical education, I began to engage in tourism both as a travel organizer and as a professional tour guide. For many years now I have been conducting excursions around the beautiful ancient city of Tver, as well as around the cities of the Tver region. You will see:

- Tver with the famous three-beam system for the location of the central streets, also called the "Versailles trident", the Imperial Palace and the Transfiguration Cathedral. And also the monuments to Afanasy Nikitin - a merchant and traveler of the 15th century, I.A. Krylov, Grand Duke Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tverskoy; the most beautiful embankment of Stepan Razin, an ensemble of ceremonial squares and one of the symbols of Tver - the Old Volzhsky Bridge.

- Torzhok with its wonderful panoramic views, amazing stories and legends, unique craft "Gold embroidery" and culinary "highlight" "Pozharsky cutlets".

- Staritsa, a small town on the Volga, where the ramparts of the medieval fortress and the very beautiful ancient Assumption Monastery (1110) have been preserved. Breathtaking Volga expanses, interesting events and people and, of course, its own "delicious" - puffs with apples and honey.

- A town with a strange name - Likhoslavl, the "capital" of the Tver Karelians. In addition to Karelian stories and legends, you will be pleased with the opportunity to learn everything about pottery and even make a clay toy yourself. You can visit the Marmalade Museum, where you will try simply “fabulous” marmalade.

- The city of military glory - Rzhev. You will be amazed by the charm of the old merchant city and the tragedy of the Great Patriotic War. Risen from the ashes, the city leaves no one indifferent to its history. A NEW memorial to the Soviet Soldier was opened here - a 25-meter sculpture of a soldier at the site of bloody battles in 1942-43.

- A whole “country” of Seligeria and its “capital” - the city of Ostashkov. The source of the great Russian Volga River, a monastery on the island - Nilova Pustyn, and, of course, the beauty of the surrounding nature will delight you and awaken the desire to come here again and again.

- And also the estate "Domotkanovo" (Museum of the artist Valentin Serov), the estate Znamenskoye - Raek - one of the masterpieces of the genius architect N.А. Lviv, the Vasilevo Museum with a unique "devil's" bridge and many, many other wonderful places.

It is impossible to see everything in one day. If you need help in drawing up a program of stay in Tver or in the Tver region, as well as information where it is better to have lunch, which hotel to choose, what to do with children, etc., please contact us - we are always open to dialogue.

I love our Tver land and love my job. Therefore, I conduct excursions so that you like it.

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