Stolyarov Aleksej Kirillovich
Booked on Welcometver: 2
tour Cities:
  • Kashin
  • Kalyazin
  • Tver
  • Bezheck
  • Kimry
  • Rzhev
Possession of languages: Russian
Phone number: 15-706-71-05

Professional historian and ethnographer, teacher, creator of three museum projects (Museum of Kashinsky Antiquity, exposition of the Museum of Kashi and the Museum of Culture and Crafts "House of the Peasant" and two centers of crafts (the Firebird Cultural Center in the village of Matino and the House of Crafts Slavich (Moscow))

Creator and director of the tourist operator Kashin Grad.

Close and favorite topics: History of the Kashinsky Territory and Tver Land, Noble estates, culture and life of the ancient Slavs, Russian crafts and trades, the history of small towns in the Tver Region, mysteries of old Moscow, pilgrimage routes.

Alexei loves theatrical formats of excursions with elements of "immersion" in the era that the story is about, forms of quests, but, of course, he is no stranger to classical formats, which are no less exciting.

The audience is both adults (including intellectual gourmets) and schoolchildren of different ages.

Awarded for his contribution to the development of tourism by the gratitude of the governor of the Tver region, in 2020 he took 2nd place in the nomination "Best manager for inbound and domestic tourism" in the competition of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

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