Repina Lyubov Sergeevna
Booked on Welcometver: 25
tour Cities:
  • Tver
  • Torzhok
  • Starica
  • Kashin
  • Kalyazin
  • Rzhev
  • Vyshnij Volochyok
  • Ostashkov
Possession of languages: Russian
Phone number: +79679953832

"The province knows how to surprise!" - this is my motto, invented by me 10 years ago. I am Lyubov Repina from the city of Tver, a professional guide in love with his profession.

I love my job! And I consider conducting excursions to be my true vocation. I don't like the classically dry presentation. My excursion programs are emotional and imaginative, in them a serious story is skillfully intertwined with urban legends. Iconography, painting, architecture, signs and customs - believe me, you can look at the history of the city from any angle. We will look for the unusual in the familiar, find out interesting details about the life of the townspeople and people who visited my beloved Tver, Staritsa, Torzhok. I also like to ask questions. Itself. For sightseers. After all, participation in a casual conversation is always more interesting than a guide's monologue.

Seriously: I have been working as a guide and accompanying excursion groups since June 2001. I will organize, compose and implement a fascinating excursion around the city of Tver, Staritsa, Vyshny Volochek, Rzhev, Ostashkov, Kashin, Kalyazin and Torzhok. You can go with me to the source of the Volga and to the Nilova Pustyn. I will help with catering, ordering transport and booking rooms. I will draw up an excursion plan of any financial level, showing an individual approach.

Come! I am a tireless tour guide ready to tell the history of my hometowns for hours

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