Anisimova Tatyana Aleksandrovna
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tour Cities:
  • Ostashkov
  • Region Ostashkovskij
Possession of languages: Russian
Phone number: 8 (910) 533-35-27

I will open the excursion world in a new way. If you consider Nikolai Nikolaevich Drozdov an idol, I will show you amazingly beautiful places, tell you about the plants and animals of the Ostashkovsky region. I will lead you into the world of myths and legends, full of secrets and mysteries of the past years. And with lovers of exact facts I will share really interesting stories about the history of the foundation, formation and development of life, culture and technology in the Seliger region.

The main routes: Ostashkov, Nilovo-Stolobensky Monastery, the Source of the Volga, Okovetsky holy spring, Shirkov Pogost, Lake Serebryanoe, the vastness of Lake Seliger.

About myself: a teacher by education, I have been working in my specialty for over 25 years. Why excursions? Because I consider it important to preserve and transmit the history to my little homeland to everyone who wants it. Moreover, it is important to fill all the facts with living feelings and emotions. It is important to touch every person. Then the most boring stories, from which sightseers so often flee, will turn into something intriguing, captivating and attractive. And you can believe, captivate and intrigue everyone who agrees to hear. Don't believe me? You can check!

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