"Sightseeing tour of Tver with tasting"

01/04/2021 Sightseeing tour of Tver with a tasting lunch at the restaurant "Staraya Tver"

11.00 Sightseeing tour of the city

Situated between two capitals, Tver harmoniously combines both the originality of Moscow and the European look of St. Petersburg. The history of our city goes back almost 9 centuries, it is extremely entertaining, filled with many glorious and tragic events, riddled with secrets and mysterious legends.

Here, each building bears the imprint of a city and country rich in events from the past. Emperors and poets stayed here.

You will see the grand layout of the city from the time of Catherine II. You will admire the panorama of the Volga embankments and bridges. You will get acquainted with the monuments to the famous merchant Afanasy Nikitin, Grand Duke Mikhail Yaroslavich, "Pushkin on the Road", Ivan Andreevich Krylov and many others. The white-stone Trinity Church, the legend of the most ancient holy monastery of Tver - the Otroch Monastery, the Resurrection Cathedral await you ... Everything in our city breathes history.

13.00 Tasting lunch at the restaurant "Staraya Tver"

Restaurant "Old Tver" invites you to tasting "Russian cuisine"

• Salad "Demidovsky"

A salad of baked potatoes, white taiga mushrooms, homemade pickles, green onions and aromatic mustard dressing.

• Snack with mackerel

Smoked mackerel fillet with new potatoes, sour cream, lingonberries and herbs.

• Duck pickle

Traditional pickle on duck broth, with the addition of pearl barley, cucumber, dill seed, served with boiled duck, herbs and sour cream.

• Pike balls with mashed potatoes

Baked meatballs made from finely chopped pike fillets, onion marmalade, nutmeg and pepper. Served with mashed potatoes.

• Giblets in brine

Delicate chicken giblets stewed in sour cream, with onion marmalade and cucumber cooking, served in baked bread.

• Pozharskaya cutlet

Cutlet made from tender chicken meat, with the addition of cream, is fried in crispy wheat croutons.

• Bulgur with pike perch

Spicy bulgur with fenugreek and vegetables, stewed with tender pike perch fillet.

• Kundyums

An old Russian dish, a kind of dumplings with rice and white taiga mushrooms, are baked in the oven and served in cocotte makers.

• Porridge with berries

Porridge stewed in the oven and served in cocotte makers.

• Dessert "Kiselnye shores"

• Dessert from baked milk

Dessert of stewed milk, fermented with village sour cream and berry "cooli"

14.00 End of the program.

Tour cost per person: 1600 rubles.

The tour price includes: transport services, guide services throughout the route, tasting lunch.

Travel agency "Nika" reserves the right to change the procedure for conducting excursions while maintaining the total volume or replacing excursion objects or accommodation facilities with equivalent in price and importance. The company is not responsible for changes in the program related to traffic situations.
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