"New Year's quest in Chukavino"

New Year's quest in Chukavino

For whom: schoolchildren of grades 1-5 from 10 or more people, accompanied by a teacher or parents.

Duration: 4.5-5 hours


Meeting with the guide at the school / gymnasium in Tver, boarding the bus, departure to Chukavino (50 km)

On the bus, the guide tells about the New Year, Christmas, riddle, quiz.


Excursion to the zoo nursery "Chukavino". You are going to get acquainted with dogs, deer, horses, ponies, camels, donkeys. Experienced staff of the kennel will take you on a tour and tell you about their pets.

New Year's QUEST- Game program in the forest. The Snow Maiden invites you to an exciting QUEST in a magical forest. The guys will have to conjure Santa Claus, complete many tasks, following the forest path and save the holiday from the witch Krivzha.

Tea drinking in the fireplace room or cafe (2 pancakes, tea).

IMPORTANT! The game takes place in nature in the forest, and therefore for your comfort we offer a uniform: warm, winter for outdoor recreation; footwear - winter, appropriate for the weather, waterproof, warm; mittens or gloves.

The game is played in any weather. It is advisable not to take expensive personal items during the game.

At your request for an additional payment of 200 rubles. per person - snowmobiling.

Return to school / gymnasium.

The cost of an excursion for a student from Tver is from 1,750 rubles.

For groups of students from other cities and towns, individual calculation.

The price depends on the number of people in the group and is specified when booking.
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