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The northernmost town of the Tver region cordially welcomes fishermen, yachtsmen, gourmets and simply lovers of antiquity who are ready to go in search of the flooded Vesyegonsk.

Rybinsk Reservoir is the third largest freshwater reservoir in Europe. In connection with its construction, almost the entire Vesyegonsk was moved to a new location. Today, the flooded quarters of the old city attract underwater archaeologists and divers. In these marvelous places, thousands of fishermen caught their long-awaited trophy: it is quite possible to meet a twenty-kilogram pike, a huge pike perch or a burbot weighing 5-6 kg! Yachting enthusiasts will appreciate the 78-meter pier, where you can refuel or use the guarded parking lot. Many will like local products: neighboring Sandovo is famous for its honey, and Vesyegonsk winery revives the traditions of berry winemaking. Sun, air and water - in the fishing side, nature itself heals, body and soul rest from stressful everyday life.


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