State road — Historical road of the world»

This is the first road in our country with a hard surface and many bridges over rivers. The whole history of Russia fits on 735 versts of this way (at the present time the length of the M10 highway is 697 km).

it Was along this road that the magnificent corteges of the Imperial Romanov dynasty passed. Along the way , a surprisingly developed infrastructure was created for that time: travel palaces of various stars, refectories, post stations, Inns with hotels, carriage repair shops.

Most of the tourist route runs along the Federal highway M10 through the territories of four regions: Moscow, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad.

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Vyshny Volochek
Vyshny Volochek
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Tver is an old Russian city that has preserved its historical appearance and therefore is especially...


Valdai is a small Russian town nestled among picturesque hills on the shores of the beautiful Valdai...

Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest and most famous cities in Russia - the place of calling of the ...


Tosno - a city (since 1963) in Russia, the administrative center of the Tosno district of the Lening...


Lyuban, located in the Tosno Municipal District of the Leningrad Region, is one of the historical ci...


Torzhok is a picturesque city in the Tver region of Russia on the banks of the Tvertsa River, the ce...

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from Saint Petersburg to the border with the Tver region-350 km
The Museum of Tver Household Activities is located in the merchants Arefyevs’ estate. The house was built by merchant P. M. Arefyev. According to legend, Peter I stayed in that house in 1707. Peter was served by his favorite roast duck with salted lemons and stewed fruits. Evidently that the h...
In Mednoye there is "Fattoria del Sole" - an agricultural enterprise created by the Mazza spouses. In the tasting room of their restaurant one can taste several kinds of cheese prepared according to traditional Italian recipes.
Features: Fast casual cafe - self-service; air conditioning system, a menu in the form of a board on the wall. Organized set meals for tourist groups. The territory of the filling station includes: two guarded parking lots (up to 2 hours - free of charge), a gas station, a car repair shop, tire...
Toropa and Zhizhytsa are the most popular rivers in the upper Western Dvina basin. Sandy and loamy alluvial soils with stony moraine deposits, typical for this area and the southwestern slope of Valdai as a whole, determine the nature of these rivers: clear water with aquatic vegetation, the predomi...
Approximately at the same time as the Nikolsky Monastery on Ivanovskaya Street, Toropetsky Posad (now K. Marx Street), a women's monastery appeared - Ivanovsky. As well as about Nikolskoye, almost nothing is known about him, except that he existed already in the 16th century and was very poor. A pri...
Shiksha is a glamping for comfortable camping on Khachin Island, in the heart of Seliger. For those who like to wake up to the singing of birds, walk barefoot in the dew and drink coffee, sitting on the steps of their home, breathing in the aroma of freshly cut grass. We know that city dwellers ...
In the center of the city the Zubtsov museum of Local Lore occupies the building which is the architectural monument of the XIX centure. The exposition presents the history of the region from ancient times.
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